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Innisfree Meet & Greet

Hola! I am in Delhi with my parents for a couple of days. Mom was missing me so much! Moms are so cute! So I am here pampering her and taking her out everyday to make her feel special. I really hope that my dad being in Army gets his next posting as Pune! That’ll … Continue reading “Innisfree Meet & Greet”


Festive Season Is Here: Enjoy!

The minute my mom and I entered the Max Fashion store, my mom literally went crazy! She bought a bunch of things from there. I picked out a super pretty red, very traditional, maxi dress – check it out here! It’s upon us, the season of festivities, and I couldn’t be happier! Do you guys … Continue reading “Festive Season Is Here: Enjoy!”


How To Reduce Hair Loss

 Hi there, So a lot of guys ask me about how I take care of my hair and if I too face problems of hair loss. Well, I do! I started my diet recently and due to that I stopped eating a lot of things necessary for my body. One side effect of that was … Continue reading “How To Reduce Hair Loss”


Pack with me for my next travel trip!

Hey guys! I come from the army background and I have always seen my dad and other officers paying utmost importance to appearance which includes dressing up neatly on the job and otherwise too. Also, coming from an Army background ensured that I travel to a lot of untouched places. I have stayed at places … Continue reading “Pack with me for my next travel trip!”


Rose Gold OPPO F3 Deepika Padukone Edition

Hola! So being in the fashion industry I have to pay utmost importance to what’s trending! I have been absolutely loving Rose Gold and if you follow my Instagram, you would realise that I recently bought everything in Rose Gold. My new watch, bag, sneakers, everything is Rose Gold so why not the phone! I … Continue reading “Rose Gold OPPO F3 Deepika Padukone Edition”



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