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Your Best Diwali Gift!

Hola! So festive season is here and I am so excited! All the shopping during this season makes me go crazy! I love the new collection in the market during this season and everything is so bright & bling! Also, this is the time when most brands launch something new and it’s the perfect time … Continue reading “Your Best Diwali Gift!”


The Lalit Resort & Spa, Bekal

Hola! Now that we’ve officially ooh-ed and ahh-ed into the tail-end of summers in Delhi, we’re looking for a vacation in some place cool and calm where life moves hand-in-hand with us, instead of one running after the other, and we think we’ve stumbled upon just the place! Because you’ll find most of Delhi huddled … Continue reading "The Lalit Resort & Spa, Bekal"


Innisfree Meet & Greet

Hola! I am in Delhi with my parents for a couple of days. Mom was missing me so much! Moms are so cute! So I am here pampering her and taking her out everyday to make her feel special. I really hope that my dad being in Army gets his next posting as Pune! That’ll … Continue reading “Innisfree Meet & Greet”


Festive Season Is Here: Enjoy!

The minute my mom and I entered the Max Fashion store, my mom literally went crazy! She bought a bunch of things from there. I picked out a super pretty red, very traditional, maxi dress – check it out here! It’s upon us, the season of festivities, and I couldn’t be happier! Do you guys … Continue reading “Festive Season Is Here: Enjoy!”


How To Reduce Hair Loss

 Hi there, So a lot of guys ask me about how I take care of my hair and if I too face problems of hair loss. Well, I do! I started my diet recently and due to that I stopped eating a lot of things necessary for my body. One side effect of that was … Continue reading “How To Reduce Hair Loss”



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